Our Inaugural Event

The Texas Hemp Community Achievement Awards

Texas Hemp Community Achievement (THCA) Awards was held during the Texas Hemp Convention in Dallas on 1/28/2020. We honored Texans who contributed to legalizing hemp in 2019 while raising money for the Last Prisoner Project.


2019 THCA Award Winners

Annie Payne Epley

The Texas Hemp Warrior Award

Trichome Institute

The Texas Hemp Education Award

3-way tie: Willie Nelson, Rene Pena, and Jax Finkel. Heather Fazio came in 2nd place by one vote.

The Texas Hemp OG Award

Lisa Pittman

The Texas Hemp Legal Leader Award


Calvin Trostle

The Texas Hemp Agri-Life Leadership Award

Sid Miller

The Texas Hemp Achievement Award

Tracy King

The Texas Hemp Legislator of the Year Award