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2021 Texas Hemp Awards program

2021 winners: Video

The winners in the public voting section for 2021:

National Education Course with a certificate earned - Trichome Institute

National Influencer - Texas Cannabis Today

National nonprofit with a cannabis-focused mission - Last Prisoner Project

Texas Hemp Event - Texas Cannabis Collective

Texas Hemp Pet Product - Happy Karma Hemp

Texas-based Advocate/Warrior - Texas NORML

Texas-based Hemp Ancillary Support or Services - Veterans Scientific Lab

Texas-based Hemp e-commerce - Happy Karma Hemp

Texas-based Hemp Processor/Extractor​/Manufacturer - Bayou City Hemp

Texas-based Hemp Production - Texas Cannabis Collective

Texas-based Hemp Retail Brick and Mortar - Natural Ways CBD

Texas-based nonprofit with a cannabis-focused mission - Texas Cannabis Collective

Texas-based artist - Kelsi Leigh Photography

2021 winners: Text
2021 winners: Pro Gallery

was our partner and supplied full panel tests for all of the submissions

2021 winners: Sponsors

The winners in the judged section for 2021

Edible - Sweet Sensi Chocolate Truffles

Flower - Oak Cliff Cultivators Hawaiian Haze

Supplements - Chameleon CBD Limitless Softgel

Tincture - Rebel Dread Strawberry Shortcake

Topical - Sweet Sensi Hand and Body Lotion

2021 winners: Text
2021 winners: Pro Gallery
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